The needs of each industrial sector is unique. Dedicated product offerings, fast and efficient customization, mastery of specific technologies, standards, protocols and test techniques, APEM experts speak your language and understand your requirements for a more effective partnership.

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1 Automotive


In the production lines of automotive and automotive parts industry, productivity and safety must be achieved while meeting the user’s
various needs. IDEC has the products and solutions that best match each requirement.

  • Minimize maintenance time and labor
  • Improve accuracy of visual check with LED illumination
  • Improve the performance of door interlock switches
  • Achieve traceability
  • Provide reliable explosion protection to hydrogen stations
  • Improve visibility and reduce maintenance time and labor

2 Food & Packaging

As safety and quality of foods have attracted more attention, there is a change in the trend/needs for food processing machines. Our products developed with cutting-edge technology solves your issues in food processing lines.

  • Eliminate external controllers
  • Create the new standard of compact operator interface
  • Reduce the labor required to install products in cold environment
  • Replace multiple control products with an HMI-integrated controller
  • Improve safety and operability of control boxes



3 Machine Tools

Improved maintainability are required in machine tool industry.
IDEC helps you solve your issues with our wide range of products and solutions.

  • Reduce the size of machine tools
  • Excellent design
  • Reduce cost and labor needed for replacing relays
  • Optimize LED lighting to illuminate work objects
  • Prevent momentary stops of machine
  • Check the surface of work objects with even LED illumination



4 Material Handling

Material handling is all about automatizing process lines and making them more efficient. Now the new values are required—they must move seamlessly without unwanted stops, and operators must be able to oversee the entire operation accurately in real-time.

Backed by our latest technology, IDEC has the solutions to satisfy your needs.

  • Eliminate the risk of possible injury in the ceilings
  • Ensure safety of low-floor automated guided vehicle
  • Make up for the flaws of pelletizing robots
  • Reduce the risk of possible injury during maintenance work
  • Maintain production efficiency and eliminate the risk of accidents
Material Handling

5 Electronics and semi-conductors

Semiconductor industry requires smaller footprint and higher throughput. IDEC products help reduce labor, wiring, installation space, and maintenance cost/labor with our expertise and experience.

  • Add flexible design to semiconductor manufacturing machines
  • Upgrade traceability performance while reducing cost
  • Replace switches quickly in order to minimize downtime
  • Reduce downtime for lighting replacement by 80%
  • Reduce the size of semiconductor manufacturing equipment with the thinnest door interlock switch in its class

6 Elevators

Elevators, the vehicle often employed for public use, need to keep up with social trends and thus comply with standards/law, accordingly requiring new technologies.

IDEC has products and solutions to help you comply with new elevator standards.

  • Enhance elevator safety to avoid the potential business risk
  • Prevent operational error and physical accidents at the time of inspection
  • Employ remote monitoring to eliminate unnecessary maintenance work
  • Provide simple solutions to prevent collision between the car and human
  • Eliminate accidents caused by hoist malfunction

7 Transport and logistics

The more logistics is globalized, the more efficient and safer system is required.

Our cutting-edge technology gives you solutions that provide both safety and productivity.

  • Improve productivity with automated logistics system
  • Establish collaborative safety where human and robots work adjacently
  • Improve operability with ergonomics-based design


8 Special Vehicles

Vehicles for special purposes need specialized operability and safety to satisfy each needs.

With APEM products joining our family of products, IDEC provides you with more variety of HMI products to suit specific applications.

  • Improve operability with ergonomics-based design
  • Design user-friendly interfaces that allow anyone to operate safely
  • Meet strict environmental and durability requirements

9 Robotics

Production lines are increasingly employing collaborative robots to establish working environment where human and machines work in a collaborative manner.

With products compliant with safety standards and collaborative safety solution, IDEC makes the ideal collaborative environment come true.

  • Ensure safety of collaborative robots
  • Solve labor shortage with collaborative safety robot system
  • Establish new collaborative robot interface



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