Initiative for qualities

The IDEC Group's basic stance is that "a product's value depends on its quality". In order to deliver "reassuring" and "safe" products, the Group strives to offer development, production, sales and service based on a quality management system.

Quality Assurance Policy


The quality that the IDEC Group aims for lies in "ease of use".

To ensure outstanding products that users will feel reassured to purchase and satisfied to use, as well as the technology to create these products in the most economic way, we have constructed a quality assurance system where all employees think and work together to achieve "IDEC known for Quality".

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To Improve Quality


In order to create diverse "ease of use" that varies by customer, it is important to construct a system that sets guidelines for quality assurance at each step, from design and production to sales and logistics.

In order to create outstanding products that customers will feel reassured to purchase and satisfied to use, we aim to improve our in-house cooperation for a unified, company-wide quality assurance system.

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ISO 9001 Certification

The IDEC Group continues our corporate activities by operating and managing a quality management system to provide products and services with the quality that our customers and the market demands.

We have also undergone screening and been certified by a third-party certification agency for ISO 9001, an international standard on quality management systems.

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