IDEC, based on its principles of management with respect for fellow humans and contribution to society through business activities, is constantly seeking to provide safer and more pleasant environments not only within the IDEC Group but in the global society.

Workers’ safety must be ensured

Safety is not something that can be traded off for higher productivity. It is a common practice for companies to expend time and money to train employees on safety while pursuing higher productivity. However, training alone cannot ensure safety. A machine must remain safe even if it breaks down or if a worker makes a mistake. A machine must be equipped with safety devices.
However, to increase the use of safety devices, they must be economical. IDEC’s job is to create cost-effective safety devices that eliminate the need for balancing between productivity and safety. We must supply suitable safety devices that are economical compared to the risks they eliminate.

Safety and explosion products

HS5L interlock switches

Conforming to the newest international safety standards, the HS5L is an ideal safety switch for small to medium-size machine applications. It adds value to machines where the implementation of safety measures had not been a priority.

EF1A hazardous location LED illumination units

Certified by IECEx, European standards ATEX, and North American standards UL・cUL, the EF1A hazardous location LED illumination units can be used anywhere in the world.

R&D of safety technologies

Participation in setting international safety standards

Publication of international standard IEC60947-5-8 for enabling switches

We take the time to study and analyze international standards for control systems, machines, and various equipment, so that we can offer products that are compliant to these standards and safe in an ever-expanding global market.

We have acquired abundant know-how through the development of products that are international standard compliant and direct participation in setting international safety standards.

IDEC’s 3-position enabling switches helped to set the international standard for enabling switches.

Many of our experts attend international conferences and academic symposiums on safety standards, especially in control safety, machine safety, and explosion safety, fields that are increasing in sophistication and complexity.

Representing Japan, we are disseminating superior safety technologies to the world.

Discover our Guidebook to design emergency-stops according to the newly added safety requirements in ISO 13850 certification.

ISO 13850 specifies "Safety of machinery—Emergency stop function—Principles for design," a standard (Type-B standards) which describes the safety requirements for designing the emergency stop equipment.

ISO 13850 was revised in October 2015, and the revision has a major impact on the design of emergency stop equipment. This guidebook explains the matters that have a significant impact, and shows the guide for designing the equipment.


Passing IDEC’s safety DNA to successors

As a manufacturer, we evaluate risks involved in products and take necessary measures during product development. In engineering departments and in the entire company including product planning, marketing, and sales departments we have in-house certified safety assessors who evaluate safety risks inside and outside the company and make recommendations. We have a progressive system in place where IDEC safety professionals teach others to become professionals who in turn educate others.

This system fosters a safety culture. In this way we strive to maintain and improve IDEC’s Safety DNA.

Promoting safe manufacturing

Offering seminars

To help reduce industrial accidents, we offer seminars on safety in manufacturing and safety in potentially explosive work environments.

In fiscal 2015, 81 seminars were held with 1,386 people participating.

Consulting on safety

With an abundance of experience in and superior knowledge of machine safety, we provide consulting services that include identifying hazardous sources, evaluating risks, and recommending and implementing measures to increase both safety and productivity.

Training professionals who deliver safety

Training and certifying safety assessors

Validating safety is extremely important in risk assessment. Therefore, people who can make fair judgment of safety validation can define the quality in developing safety products and providing consulting services. IDEC is a strong promoter of accredited safety assessors throughout the company, with special focus on its employees in the Standard and Safety Solution Center.

*A safety assessor certification is offered jointly by Japan Certification Corp, Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Assoc. (NECA), the Society of Safety Technology and Application, Japan( SOSTAP), and TUV Rhineland Japan.

The number of assessors in each level within IDEC

Safety lead assessors – 15 people

(provide assessment to third parties as an assessor leader)

Safety assessors - 35 people

(exercise knowledge and skills as an assessor)

Safety sub-assessors - 155 people

(have basic assessor knowledge)

Basic safety assessors - 147 people

(have basic knowledge of explosion-proof electric equipment safety)

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