Product Assurance System

With "ease of use" as a primary goal of our products, all of us participate in planning and building a quality assurance system that creates excellent products customers will purchase and use with confidence in the most economical ways.

Taking on the challenge of Zero Customer Claims

For IDEC, which holds a motto of "Customer First," a primary goal for product quality is ease of use.

With a view that user friendliness is attained by satisfying the ever changing needs of customers and society, we have set guidelines and mechanisms to assure quality in all of our processes, including engineering, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

In our effort to reach zero customer claims, we are constantly improving our management system by focusing on quality assurance.

Product Assurance System

IDEC is known for "High Quality" throughout the world.

Global Product Assurance
Setting and managing the quality standards and rules throughout IDEC in an effort to assure the high quality of our products on a global basis.
Inspection and Testing
Evaluating and analyzing new products and existing products. Analyzing claims, identifying causes and taking necessary actions swiftly in coordination with manufacturing quality assurance personnel.
Manufacturing Quality Assurance
Rapid quality checks at manufacturing locations immediately upon receipt of customer claims. Responding quickly, improving products, and monitoring adherence to established manufacturing standards.
Standards Management
Obtaining new industrial standards and specifications, having products certified by standards organizations, maintaining certifications and auditing.

Claim processing system at IDEC

Claims are processed expeditiously through information sharing and coordinated efforts among different functions overseen by the Risk Management Committee, chaired by the CEO, which has the ultimate decision making power.

IDEC Claim Processing System

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