R&D Technology

Offering the best solution for each customer through collaborations of people with people and technology with technology. Our challenge continues.

RT (Robotics Technology)

Having developed the world's first Robot Control Cell Production System and participated in the national project "Development Project of Next-generation Intelligent Robot" led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, we continue to be the driving force of the cutting-edge Robotics Technology.

AT (Automation Technology)

Automation Technology, including mold production, precision parts processing, precision tool, programming, robot application, automatic assembly, control equipment, and control safety technology, plays the key role of Monodzukuri.

All of these various technologies are vertically integrated, and our products are manufactured in-house from parts processing to finishing.

ET (Engineering Technology)

In addition to the research and development of control equipment, we combine and systemize laser marking, image processing, and RFID technologies to achieve the traceability system, and drive the development of advanced Engineering Technology.

ST (Safety Technology)

The safety concept in Japan is shifting from "zero accident" to the globally-recognized "zero hazard."

IDEC has always led the industry in safety technology development, and with our goal to "Reduce industrial accidents" as our CSR, we comply with the international standards of Machine Safety, Functional Safety, and Explosion Proof Safety and stay at the forefront in the development of safety technologies.

MT (Mechanical Technology)

Through the development of switches, relays, circuit protectors and other high quality, highly reliable control equipment, we have accumulated precision and electromagnetic mechanism technologies.

For further advancing such core competance technologies, we strive to be fully creative at Mechanical Technology development.

PT (Photonics Technology)

For the creation of new applications of cutting-edge photonics device technologies such as LED, laser, opical fiber, quantum dot, and new optical element, IDEC has set up a satellite office in the Photonics Advanced Research Center (PARC) at Osaka University as a member of business-academia collaboration project (IDEC, SHIMADZU, SHARP, NITTO DENKO, MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL).

A PARC office is also located in IDEC, to foster close cooperation and to promote the advancement of Photonics Technology.

IT (Identification Technology)

Identification Technology to detect objects without failure is powerfully promoted at IDEC. Sensing technologies with semiconductor laser for water detection and plastic material sorting, and automatic recognition technology such as RFID and image recognition, are developed.

CT (Control Technology)

As a manufacturer of control equipment with accumulated knowledge of various control technologies such as computer, software, and network communication, we will further make effort to develop the most advanced Control Technology.

GT (Green Technology for Environment protection and Saving energy)

IDEC has actively developed Green Technology, a technology that forms the basis of environmentally-friendly products to save the usage of energy and natural resources.

The IDEC SALES OFFICE, the world's first all-LED building built in March 2008 in Osaka has gained attention as an office building that saves energy and reduces CO2 emission.

We will promote Green Innovation through the development of ever-evolving environmental technology.

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