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We make the point of contact, where people interface with machines, easy, safe and secure. We create new possibilities.

One of our corporate principles is to conduct business with consideration for social contribution.
Since its founding, IDEC has developed and introduced the world to numerous products and services centered on its control technology. Today, our products are used not only in factories, but in a wide range of settings in people’s everyday lives where customers desire safety, ease of use, reliability and a smaller environmental footprint.

Having celebrated its 70th anniversary in March of 2017, the IDEC Group will continue to brighten the future of manufacturing and people’s lives as it moves into the centennial of its existence and beyond.

1 Europe and others

Sales bases:7
Manufacturing bases:10
N° of employees:1,013


2 Americas

Sales bases:3
Manufacturing bases:2
N° of employees:233


3 Greater China

Sales bases:19
Manufacturing bases:6
N° of employees:1,501


4 Japan

Sales bases:24
Manufacturing bases:6
N° of employees:972


5 Asia pacific

Sales bases:3
Manufacturing bases:1
N° of employees:193

Asia Pacific

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