Our History

Since foundation in November 1945, we have been in pursuit of achieving the “Creation of the Optimum Environment for Humans and Machines,” and have developed the most advanced products and technologies while saving energy and ensuring safety based on our "Save & Safety" philosophy.

Our challenge to lead the future of automation will never stop. Leveraging our technologies, accumulated knowledge, and powerful human resources, we will strive to be the best partner of our worldwide customers.

IDEC Timeline

1945 Founded Izumi Shokai. Began retail and wholesale of electric devices.

1947 Incorporated Izumi Denki Co., Ltd. Began manufacture and sale of switches.

1956 Moved the headquarters to Kitaku, Osaka.
Opened an Osaka Office in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka and began operation.

1958 Began producing and selling industrial switches, pilot lights, and terminal blocks. Built a foundation as a manufacturer of control devices.

1969 Opened a Kyoto office in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, and began operation.
Moved the headquarters to Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.

1972 Opened IDEC Controls Co., Ltd. (Yodogawa-ku, Osaka).

1974 Opened Izumi Denki Toyama Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Nei-gun, Toyama.

1975 Opened IDEC Corporation in California, USA.

1982 Created a new corporate identity "IDEC." Changed the corporate name in English.
Listed stocks in the Second Section of Osaka Stock Exchange.

1983 Opened IDEC IZUMI Taiwan Corporation

1984 Opened Fukusaki Plant in Kanzaki, Hyogo and began operation.
Moved the headquarters to a new location in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.

1985 Opened ELIDEC Corporation in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.

1986 Opened HIDEC Corporation in Ota-ku, Tokyo.

1987 Entered into a business alliance with Schneider Automation (ASA) of France.

1989 Listed stock in the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Completed the first phase of the Takino Plant construction.

1990 Stock listing upgraded from the Second Section to the First Section of Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.

1991 Completed the first phase of the Tsukuba Plant construction in Ryugasaki, Ibaraki.
Merged Toyama Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Nei-gun, Toyama) Into Izumi Denki.

1992 Opened IDEC Systems Co., Ltd. in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
Opened IDEC Taiwan Corporation in Taiwan.
Opened IDEC Technology Research Center in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
Completed the second phase of the Takino Plant construction.

1994 Opened Hamamatsu Distribution Center in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka and began operation.
Qualified for issues in loans for margin transactions in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Moved the headquarters to a new location in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.

1995 Opened IDEC IZUMI (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
Acquired the Harima Plant in Kato-gun, Hyogo.

1998 Opened Takino Distribution Center in Takino, Hyogo.
Opened a new Tokyo Head Office in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and moved the Tokyo branch to the Tokyo Head Office.

1999 Installed an ERP system.

2000 Opened IDEC IZUMI Asia Ltd. In Singapore.
Installed an Account Management System.
Began manufacturing using a new automated system (Assembly Shop) in the Takino Plant.

2001 Established Asahi Seigyo Corporation

2002 Established manufacturing/sales base in China | Manufacturing: IDEC IZUMI Suzhou Co., Ltd. (Suzhou) | Sales: IDEC IZUMI Shanghai Co., Ltd.(Shanghai)

2003 Changed the names of domestic subsidiaries | IDEC Power Device Corporation (formerly ELIDEC) | IDEC Opto Device Corporation (formerly HIDEC)

2004 Expanded a sales network in China | Opened IDEC IZUMI (H.K.) Co., Ltd. | Opened IDEC IZUMI Shenzen Co., Ltd. | Reduced the minimum stock purchase to 100 shares from 500 shares

2005 Acquired shares of Tohken Co., Ltd. | Changed the names of domestic IDEC Group companies | IDEC Corporation (formerly Izumi Denki Co., Ltd.)
IDEC Power Device Corporation (formerly IZUMI Power Device)
IDEC Opto Device Corporation (formerly IZUMI Opto Device)
IDEC Datalogic Co., Ltd. (formerly IZUMI Datalogic)

2006 Established IDEC Automation Co. Ltd. | Opened “IDEC beyond Forum2006” in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo in celebration of IDEC 60th anniversary

2007 IDEC USA partnered with Datasensor, a leading sensor manufacturer headquartered in Italy

2008 Opened eco-friendly IDEC sales office in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka. The first newly-constructed office building to use 100% LED lighting.

2017 IDEC acquires APEM. Together, IDEC and APEM are now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of human machine interface (HMI) components, panels and systems.

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