Our Mission

IDEC’s ultimate mission is to improve the global economy by providing high-quality, safe, reliable and innovative products that met our customers’ needs now and in the future. Our "humanistic management approach" ensures that each employee finds value in his or her everyday work.

Management Philosophy

  1. The most important IDEC asset is its employees. Providing them will satisfying and meaningful employment is a top priority.
  2. Corporate profits, which is the most important means to fulfill the above, must be secured through the continuous expansion of business and the success of the corporation.
  3. All our employee’s contributions are vital to the success of IDEC.
  4. Through open management, we improve our community and our economic success is shared fairly among those who helped to achieve it.
  5. The welfare of our society is our top priority. We provide superior products and services with pride and appreciation for others.

Management and Working Environment

IDEC bases its very existence upon a happy and satisfied workforce.

Employee education and management training necessary to promote and sustain this corporate outlook is provided. We strive for a positive and challenging working environment where professional skills, enthusiasm, cooperation, commitment, hard work, and honesty are highly valued.


  1. Customer Focus
  2. Core Competence
  3. Expertise
  4. Efficiency

Guiding Principles

Departmental Mission Statements

We will meet customer needs by developing innovative products and new businesses in relentless pursuit of innovative ideas, inventions and improvements, that ultimately lead to making contributions to improve our society.

To help production run smoothly, we are committed to timely material purchases by working closely with suppliers and business partners.

We will create the best possible HMI environment by producing and supplying high quality, value-added products.

We will make contributions to the social economy through free and fair competitive sales activities, and swiftly and accurately grasping market needs.

Quality Assurance
In order to maintain and improve IDEC's reputation for high quality products, we will build a quality management system that is based on reliability, cost-efficiency, customers' ease of use, and international safety standards.

We will improve the value and recognition of the IDEC brand by communicating to the public our management principles, products, technologies and other activities.

Asset Management, Information Management
We will manage assets and information with the utmost care. Information related to individuals in the company will be handled carefully to maintain pleasant working environments.

Communications Investors Relations
We will provide investors, customers and our business partners with timely information in an efficient manner, while collecting a wide range of information that is vital to planning business strategies.

Societal Responsibilities

Environmental Efforts
IDEC, recognizing the common goal of a harmonious existence with the earth that all human beings share, takes environmental safety and quality as a top priority in all aspects of its business and quality as a top priority in all aspects of its business.

Social Activities
We will carry out and support activities that make contributions to society as a corporate, as a community member, and as a global citizen.

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