YB Series: IP65 Control boxes with easy installation



YB Series: IP65 Control boxes
with easy installation

The YB control boxes deliver IP65 protection and can be used with many types of safety and control functions. Their design provide for easy installation within confined spaces but deliver ample space for internal termination.

Main benefits

1External mounting holes for easy setup

2High protection with IP65 & ingress, water jet and dust protection

3Compatible with ø22mm
E-stops, switches, indicators & pilot lights

Main applications

  • Control panels
  • Machine tools
  • Agricultural machines
  • Industrial Automation
  • Security Applications
  • Safety and automation applications

Technical Features
  • Plastic control boxes with IP65 protection
  • Available with YW series Emergency-stop switches
  • ø22mm switches, indicators & pilot lights can be mounted on the control box
  • Class II electric shock protection (when installed with applicable unit)
  • Ideal for high temperatures (-25 to 60ºC) & corrosive environments
  • Efficient wiring space inside the control box
  • Available in light beige and yellow color

Expert's advice

Andrew Pemberton,
IDEC EMEA Product Manager
Switch & Panel

By installing APEM’s QH series indicator, the user can visually identify the Emergency-stop switch that has been operated, especially within environments that have multiple safety stop switches.
See more about the QH series.

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