Reset your thinking about the 
Safety Performance Level of your machinery.


Introducing the steps that define your Safety Performance Level and compliance to standard EN ISO 13849-1.


Following up on the first IDEC Machine Safety Webinar, “Questioning the Integrity of Machine Safety”, we now take a look at the fundamentals of Functional Safety Standard EN ISO 13849-1.
We will discuss the reasons why the standard exists, and your actions towards compliance. In particular, we will unravel the terms used, and explain their importance.
Do you fit and forget your safety systems?

Perhaps you follow a process, but don’t understand the result.

Do you really understand the basics that lead your decisions when selecting your safety related controls?

This webinar may help you reset your thinking and go back to basics.

The session is not intended to teach you the detail, but to create a foundation of understanding on what tasks you need to address in order to comply, or, perhaps what you need to understand when buying equipment or commissioning machine upgrades.

When machine builders set the safety performance level of their machines, they estimate the operational life span based on utilisation. If you run the machine faster than specified, then it makes sense that the degradation will lead to devices failure earlier. Are you taking that into account? And, even if the speed is not increased, what about the shift patterns and changes in demands of your customers? Of course the machine can deliver to the customer demand for productivity, but are you addressing the increase in demand on your safety functions?

Functional safety is all about real world safety, not the theoretical and your actions could lead to an unforeseen loss of function. That is a place no one wants to be!
So, join the second of our webinar series, Questioning Machine Safety Integrity, and consider the Performance Levels of your safety related machine controls.

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Our speaker

Tim Hall is a Product Manager for IDEC Safety Products in EMEA. He has been working for 24 years in machine safety and his field of expertise, covers product design and development, risk assessment and allocation of safety functions on machinery. He also has a practical experience in engineering design and remediation of machines.

Tim is part of a team of Safety Specialists who understand building machines and making production lines safe, while providing customers with the best support.


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