Questioning machine safety integrity



Questioning machine safety integrity


The Safety Life Cycle


Making a machine safe is really easy. Anyone can do it.

But can they do it right? How do you know?

In this webinar we will not drown you with lessons on standards and Directives.

We will however, take you through a lifecycle which, without exception, is the only path to having a safe machine.

Each step will be explained for its importance to the process of attaining safe work equipment. These steps build in to the understanding of what is necessary.

In later webinars, we will dive deeper into the “ how to” side of making machines safe to use, starting with an introduction to safety related controls and performance levels.

So join us on for step 1 in the journey to machine safety.

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Our speaker

Tim Hall is a Product Manager for IDEC Safety Products in EMEA. He has been working for 24 years in machine safety and his field of expertise, covers product design and development, risk assessment and allocation of safety functions on machinery. He also has a practical experience in engineering design and remediation of machines.

Tim is part of a team of Safety Specialists who understand building machines and making production lines safe, while providing customers with the best support.


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