Make your machine tool more reliable and efficient



Make your machine tool more reliable and efficient

It took a global pandemic to make the world realize how heavily we depend on human interactions to make things work. Retail, food, manufacturing, and logistic industries were the worst hit; it was estimated that in 2020 industrial production has decreased by 5% worldwide1. But as we emerge from Covid-19, the global machine tools market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% from 2022 to 20302. The driving force for this upturn is increased productivity, accuracy, complexity and flexibility whilst reducing downtime.

IDEC has spent over 75 years developing and improving products with a constant focus on ease of use and quality. Our extensive experience in the machine tools industry has made us acutely aware of the environmental resistance and durability needed to withstand high demands as we continue to hone our product offer. IDEC is the trusted brand of many customers in the industry, and many of our products are used in machine tools worldwide. As a result, our product offering is comprehensive and diverse to encompass the forecasted needs of the market.

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You will find at IDEC a lot of equipment
for your machine tools:

Operational interfaces

Electromechanical switch interfaces

Machine Interfaces

Visual machine tool interfaces

Machine safety

Due to its magnitude and importance, the performance of any safety-critical component must not be compromised.

Control Panels

The area that dictates how the machine behaves and where physical adjustments can be made, the heart of the machine.

IDEC is using the product and safety knowhow that we have developed in robotics, material handling, and other industries to help machine tool manufacturers pursue automation and increase safety.

As you look to invest in improved productivity, accuracy, complexity and flexibility, IDEC has the offering, knowledge and experience to ensure new design, rebuild or modifications to underperforming machines with our market solutions. Our dedicated sales team and specialist distribution network are supported by passionate individuals, all eager to deliver solutions that are right for you.

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