Is your machine safe and meet EN 1837?  How can you avoid flicker, shadows and stroboscopic effects and ensure the best work conditions for the machine operator?

Local lighting at the cutting process, during setting, handling/positioning of the workpiece cannot rely on only the general ambient light of the manufacturing plant. It is a requirement to provide local lighting on or in the machine for the illumination of the working area and adjusting and set-up. 

With the LF1D-EN enhanced solution, lighting can deliver a reduction in errors, increased productivity and reduce machine downtime, a win-win for all.  

When it comes to machine tools, either machine centres, Laths, or drilling machines, good and clear light is essential to reduce errors.  The BS EN ISO 23125:2015, that covers Turning machines, requires at least 500lx at 1Mtr.     The LF1D-EN delivers 1700 lux at 1Mtr, significantly higher than the standard requires.  





With increased brightness, multi-shadows can result in a decrease in productivity, however, the enhanced specification of the LF1D-EN significantly reduces multi-shadow and the risk of errors.  With a high IP rating and resistance to oils and coolants, the life of the LF1D series LED lighting delivers in line with the expectations of the machine.

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The LF1B-N slim LED light is a highly reliable, super-bright, energy-efficient versatile solution.  Available in six different lengths with a choice of transparent or white covers and six colours, this IP65 range provides flexibility to deliver in a vast number of applications. 

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The LF2B LED strips have a wide range of input voltages either 100 - 240V AC or DC-battery compatible 12/24V DC with a choice of clear or white cover.  Five Lengths (210/330/580/830/1,080mm), these slim units can be used in many applications and installations where space is limited and in environments where IP65 is needed. 

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