LED signal light towers offer a stylish design



LD6A: maximum distinction between illuminated and non-illuminated areas

LED signal light towers offer a stylish design whilst giving the maximum distinction between illuminated and non-illuminated areas.

IDEC are proud to showcase their LD6A signal light tower which has a unique design seeing the migration away from the traditional cylindrical light tower to a new oval design. The simple stackable LED modules ensure the colour arrangement can be easily altered by either interchanging them or adding additional colours.

Each LED module has a unique lens which combines the different properties of diffusing and condensing lenses, this ensures high visibility superbright illumination is provided to the user. Light guides are also incorporated in the lens design which enhances the visibility when the signal light tower is viewed from below.

The tower can consist of a maximum of five tiers and is created using the standard colours of red, yellow, blue, green or pure white. In order to give the user ultimate flexibility within their application there are four different base styles. These are Frame Mounting; designed for fixing directly to a aluminium machine frame; and a Wall Mount version, both of which are mounted a 90 degrees. Then we have the more traditional Direct Mount; for fixing directly to the top of the machine or control consol; and Pole Mount.

The signal light tower has an ingress protection rating of IP65, allowing for use in many applications and environments. The unique aesthetically pleasing design is sure to enhance the appearance of any machine.


  • Supply Voltage: 24vac/dc
  • Lens colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pure White LED modules
  • Mounting styles: Frame mounting, Wall mounting, Pole mounting and Base mounting


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