LED Illumination Units


Product Launch of Industrial lighting LF1B-N, LF2B, LF1D and LF2D Series LED Illumination Units


Our LUMIFA LED’s provide bright, long-lasting illumination for a variety of applications, from machine tools to chemical plants — and everything in between. 



1 Applications


  • Machine tools
  • Industrial Machines
  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • Control Panels
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Manufacturing Lines & Work Stations
  • Food & Beverage Processing Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical
  • Automotive

Target markets:

Thanks to their rugged construction and range of IP ratings, they can withstand even the toughest industrial environments to bring you high-quality, uniform lighting using one-third of the power of traditional fluorescent lamps.






2 Features






  • IP65: water, dust resistant
  • Improved brightness for white illumination (20% brighter than original LF1B series).
  • Space saving: width 27.5 mm, height 16.0 mm
  • 6 length types: 134 to 1,080 mm
  • Illumination colors: white, warm white, yellow, red, blue, and green





LF1D-C (mini)




  • One-core type LED with IDEC’s highly bright LED produces no-multi shadow light.
  • The combination of highly reflective reflector and diffuser plate can light wide area.
  • Compact and easy mounting with only two screws.








LF1D/2D-EN,EH,FH Slim & Wide versions





  • Durable polycarbonate or reinforced glass options
  • No glare, shadows or strip effect
  • Phoenix Contact M12 Quick Connect available
  • Surface or recessed mount options





LF1D-H/J (long)

LF1D long



  • Even using many LEDs, the optimized reflector and diffuser sheet produces flat lighting with no-multi shadow or bright spotting.
  • Slim and low-profile design for easy replacement of fluorescent lamp.










  • Versatile universal input can be used worldwide in various applications
  • 12/24V DC input is suitable for battery operated equipment
  • Degree of protection IP65: water, dust resistant
  • Space saving: width 40 mm, height 29 mm
  • Five length types: 210 to 1,080 mm
  • U-shaped mounting brackets (supplied) and L-shaped mounting (optional)



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