HR6S series:



HR6S series:
your new option for safety relays

Achieve maximum safety performance level plus reduced maintenance and repair time of your safety systems.

Demand for control systems and users to understand the exact status of devices in remote locations has led to this new generation of relays. Thanks to its smart digital output, this new IDEC safety relay can be used for preventive information and safety status.

1 P/N for 1 architecture:
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Advanced diagnostic functions

The universal safety relay module HR6S has advanced diagnostic functions and can output the results. The HR6S is equipped to provide relay contacts and solid-state status for safety functions and in addition a pulse train status output from the inbuilt microcomputer.

The new product now monitors the status of control equipment and its internal status sending detail analytics of the 20 status signals to the machine control on what initiated the stop condition. This was not previously possible with conventional safety relay modules.

20 different states by steady or flash light, or by combining. When an error occurs, its location is indicated, allowing maintenance to be performed immediately on site.

Fast connectivity

Thanks to Push-in terminal block, the HR6S is easy to install.

The highest safety Performance for all your devices

Achieving the highest safety Performance level e, Category 4 architecture, the relay is ideal for complex machine safety requirements such as robotics, material handling and machine tools.

Also available

The new IDEC H5RS Category 2 safety relay breaks new ground in the world of single channel architecture

Most competitive relays simply offer a feedback check on the circuit to verify that the machine is safe to start. They leave any requirement for test channels devices external devices. Now with the New IDEC HR5S C2B you can find output indication of fault detection and additional outputs to shut down the safety channels when a fault occurs. All this with discrete fault reset and restart functions.

What does this mean for you?

Well if the machine has an error in the safety circuit at start up, or on the demand on the safety function , then once the fault is detected another single channel is isolated to remove the control. Lets call it Category 2 the way it should be done all in the IDEC HR5S safety relay.

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