The Vista site in California is the latest in the APEM family to receive ISO 14001 certification. This certification validates our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. It follows 15 months of hard work by the entire team.

Because environmental issues are a collective responsibility, APEM is continuing to step up its commitment in this area, rolling out new initiatives and making the environment part of its policies and processes in development and management. We are working on a wide range of areas, including:

  • Staff involvement.

    Simply setting objectives is pointless if there is no staff commitment. For this reason, APEM involves its employees right from the start, in developing ideas for initiatives. Last October, as part of a competition involving all our subsidiaries worldwide, employees were encouraged to submit ideas to help the company make a positive environmental impact. Among the many responses that flooded in, several received prizes and are currently being deployed throughout the group.

  • Product design and packaging.

    This was one of the ideas put forward by the competition, and it is now an ongoing project. We are seeking to reduce the impact of our product packaging, primarily by using recyclable materials. Our objective is to recycle and reduce right from the product design stage. At the same time, we are seeking to replace toxic materials, in compliance with the European ROHS directive, which aims to limit the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Logistics and transport.

    At APEM, we are also committed to minimizing the carbon consumption of our freight flows, through a process of measurement and management. We take care to streamline shipments between our Montauban hub, our subsidiaries and our customers and partners, by grouping shipments and using less polluting means of transport.

These actions are monitored by performance indicators. We embrace these efforts, which are a key part of a CSR approach in line with our fundamental values: harmony, passion, integrity, commitment and innovation.

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